Retail Pharmacy FAQs

How do I contact you?

  • Please call us if you have any questions or concerns concerning order status, copay amount, claims submissions and benefit coverage. If you have any adverse effects to the medication you were given, please contact your prescribing physician or your Pharmacist.

                        V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies

                                    Phone: (508) 202-9993  |    Fax: (508) 202-9343

      • Or visit us on the web at

When is V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies 0pen?

      • A V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee is available to answer any questions you may have.
      • Hours of Operation:
        • Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm EST
        • Saturday 10am to 3:30pm EST
      • A Pharmacist-on-Call is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for any question you may have. Pharmacists are available for emergency and clinical situations such as side effects and medication assistance as well as complaint resolution.  They also have access to all pharmacy systems and can answer any questions regarding order and copay status, claims submissions and benefit coverage.

How do I order a new prescription?

      • Your prescriber must send a valid prescription to our pharmacy via their preferred means. When a valid prescription is on file, you may call into our pharmacy to place your order and setup a shipment during regular business hours.
      • During business hours, you can call the pharmacy to speak with a staff member or follow the prompts to request your refill using your prescription number via touch tone phone.
        • After hours you can follow the prompts to request a refill using your prescription number via touch to phone, or leave a message for the pharmacy staff requesting medication refill. Please include in your message medication name, your first and last name, address, date of birth, daytime phone number, and additional requested information per the voicemail recording.
      • Your doctor can e-scribe or fax a new prescription to us. Please note, certain controlled substance medications cannot be faxed. The paper copy of these prescriptions must be brought or sent to the pharmacy.
      • Your prescription may be filled with a generic equivalent substitution based on state law, equivalency rating and in accordance with company policy. Please ask a Pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns.
      • A V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee will let you know if V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies is unable to fulfill the medication request. Suggestions and guidance on where the medication may be available will be given upon request.


How long does it take to receive my prescription?

      • Our standard processing time at V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies is normally less than 24 hours. This does not include delivery time. If processing time is delayed longer than 24 hours, we will contact you to notify you of your options so you don’t go without medication.
      • A V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee will immediately let you know if there are any issues that may delay fulfillment such as prior authorizations or quantity limits imposed by your insurance company. V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employees will work with you and your physician to try and get any Prior Authorizations completed as quickly as possible.  If your insurance company will not allow a quantity override due to unforeseen circumstances, a V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee will help determine the best way to get the medication you require.
      • Prescriptions are delivered Monday through Friday for next day delivery, including Saturday. Medication delivery is a complimentary service at no additional charge to you.
      • Most medications will require your signature for delivery. A V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies staff member will coordinate with you to schedule the most convenient delivery time to ensure your availability to sign for the prescription.


How do I refill my prescription?

      • V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies will call to schedule your refill order a week or so before you should run out of medication.
      • If you run out prior to V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies contacting you, or you would like to go ahead and order your refill, please contact us. Please have your prescription number(s) available to place your order.
      • An automated refill option is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If ordering an automated refill, please also leave a message with any specific delivery instructions or request V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies staff contact you prior to medication being shipped.
      • Please let a V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee know if you have run out of refills and would like a call to your physician to be made for a new prescription.
      • Please remember to always inform V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies and the Patient Management Program of any insurance, address or health changes.
      • If you need your prescription immediately, please let a V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee know so your order can be expedited. If you cannot wait for a shipment, you may ask about having your prescription transferred to a local pharmacy.  The prescription can be transferred back to V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies the next time it is needed.


How much will my prescription cost?

      • Prescription costs will vary depending on your insurance.
      • Because drug pricing can change on a daily basis, a final determination of your co-pay cost cannot be made until your claim is processed. You may also call the Member Services phone number on your prescription insurance card to get the most current information.
      • If you are unable to afford the out-of-pocket cost for your prescription, V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies will work to identify co-pay card assistance, patient assistance programs, or other support and/or charitable organizations. Visit the V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies section of our website to learn about Patient Assistance.
      • The cost may also vary depending on the quantity of medication. Your prescription will be filled for the amount of medication that the physician prescribes. Please be sure to advise your physician to prescribe for the maximum amount/days supply allowable by your insurance coverage (days allowed may vary by plan).
      • If you have Medicare Part D drug coverage, the cost of your prescription will change significantly as you meet your deductible and initial co-pay, progress through the “donut hole” and reach total out-of-pocket expense. Patient Care Coordinators can assist you in determining and understanding your options. Visit our website to learn more about these services.


 How can I pay for my prescription order?

      • V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies accepts all major credit cards, check, cash, or money orders. If mailing payment, please do not mail cash.


How can I safely dispose of my medications?

      • Visit the website below to view a list of medications that can safely be flushed down the toilet or see the handouts given in the welcome packet:

      • If your medication is not on this list, please see the handout included in your Welcome Packet on how to properly dispose of your unwanted or expired medications.
      • You will be notified by a V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies employee if there is a recall on your medication and given instructions on what to do.


What is the Patient Management Program?

      • The Patient Management Program is included at no cost to you and you are automatically enrolled as a patient of V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies. You may opt out at any time.
      • Pharmacists will work with you on any problems, concerns or questions you may have regarding your medication therapy. Issues discussed include disease overview, medication, dose, dose frequency, interactions, side effects, physical assessments and coordination of care with your physician when appropriate, etc.
      • The potential health benefits of this program include managing side effects, improved overall health, increased disease and medication education and awareness, increased medication compliance and when coordination of care with your physician is necessary, your pharmacist will have all the information needed to help make informed decisions regarding what is best for you as the patient.
      • The potential limitations of this program are dependent on you as the patient. You must be willing to follow the directions of your physician and pharmacist, be compliant with taking your medication and willing to discuss the details of your disease, medical history and current practices with your pharmacist so he can have a full understanding of the situation.
      • Please let your physician know you are a patient of V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies and are enrolled in their Patient Management Program. A good relationship between your physician and your pharmacist will benefit everyone involved in your care.
      • To contact the Patient Management Program, please call V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies.


Do you offer compliance or blister packaging for my medications and who can use it?

      • We offer compliance blister packaging at no cost to you and along with our free delivery service, helps to make your medication management easy and safe.
      • Anyone can use this great service – it is beneficial for individuals who are taking multiple medications and independent living facilities, while our Single-Dose Blister Packs benefit managed care facilities and group homes.
      • Blister packaging organizes all your medications, vitamins, and supplements all in one place and clearly displays when each dose of medication should be taken. This gives you and your caregiver the confidence that medications are being taken as your doctor planned.
      • Our compliance packaging will help you to not miss a dose, or take medications at the incorrect time. Taking medications at the incorrect time could alter the way your body reacts to a particular medication and you may experience unnecessary side effects or complications. It is important to continue taking the medicine, even if you are feeling better, until it is complete or until your physician tells you to stop.
      • Our easy to follow blister packages help you follow your physician’s directions more accurately. Increased compliance may lead to feeling better faster, experiencing fewer side effects, and possibly return you to a state of well-being sooner.


How can I make payments for my medications?

      • In addition to the traditional methods of cash and credit cards, V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies offers credit card charge accounts and monthly billing for patients and facilities.